On the night of the 10th of November 1799, Lord William Philip I decided to create a whisky in order to celebrate the coup d'état of the "18 Brumaire", which had just given to the sovereign people of France the foundations of their Republic, an aspiration that had so far only lived within the hearts of the Republicans.

He named it KOUDETA. Thus was born the legend of this authentic Scotch Whisky, a delightful blend of the finest malts, fully matured in oak casks.


KOUDETA is an authentic Blended Scotch Whisky, elaborated and distilled in the region of Lanarkshire, south of Glasgow.

Made up of 15% malt and 85% wheat and rye harvested on clay soils, KOUDETA is aged for 3 years in oak casks previously used for the maturation of Bourbon, giving it a delicate aroma of vanilla and honey. The fine blending process allows it to conserve its subtle balance and the quality of its flavours.

When it is bottled, this Scotch Whisky has 45% alcohol. This is resolutely powerful and ensures in particular that the vanilla and honey aromas are preserved to make KOUDETA a whisky of great character.